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Biomedis Trinity Universal Device 

Recommended for 

Health and Active Longevity

Regulates body systems and organs. 

Launches self-healing processes.

Removes toxins.

Strengthens immunity.

Improves sleep.

Reduces stress, fatigue and anxiety.

Improves mood, memory, concentration and attention.

Eliminate psychosomatic disturbances and enhances intelligence!

Restores working capacity and increases energy.

Contributes to active longevity.





The improvement of health effect

 is based on the 

Principles of Bioresonance Correction and Neuro Stimulation


Your purchase of a Biomedis Trinity will include full support from Nancy after a full report from a Bioresonance Scan


Bioresonance Scan and Report £90.00


Call 07812596036


Bioresonance Principle in the Biomedis Trinity

Each individual's body is a source of psychological electromagnetic waves. Healthy cells and organs work at optimal frequencies. Under the influence of pathological factors, frequencies of organs and systems deviate from optimal values and workings of the organs get disturbed.

Biomedis Trinity generates psychological electromagnetic frequencies and through the effect of Bioresonance restores the optimal oscillation frequency of cells and organs.


Principle of Neurostimulation in Biomedis Trinity

The brain waves are responsible for reaction, memory, concentration, attention, intellectual- emotional abilities, thinking and body homeostasis.

Biomedis Trinity stimulates the brain neurons, improving numerous parameters in mental abilities and in emotional state.

The newest exclusive technologies in the Biomedis Trinity device provide maximum efficiency. 


Multi Frequency Synchronization affects all three levels at once.

Through blood vessels, nerve fibers and biologically active points on the skin

On the cellular and intracellular levels 

Through the water Matrix


The scanning technology, which detects the resonant absorption frequencies of the individual body, provides high accuracy and increases the depth of impact.


Although a Bioresonance Scan is not essential for the use of the Biomedis Trinity device, it is very useful to have the knowledge of choosing the correct programme.

 There are over 250 different complexes to choose from. 

The Biomedis Trinity is safe to use on children and animals too!

There are complexes for all.


"Your Body is the only true place you have to live in. Look after it, love it and nurture it"



Purchase your Biomedis Trinity



Your purchase of a Biomedis Trinity will include full support from Nancy after a Bioresonance Scan Report

Bioresonance Scan and Report



‘’This little groundbreaking device will become your best friend to help you with the majority of health complaints. You could call it your very own pocket Doctor.’’


We all have a responsibility for our own health, and it couldn't be more apparent than now!


‘'Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies’’

Albert Einstein


‘’I cannot recommend highly enough that you do your own research when discovering the healing power that Frequency Therapy can give when used correctly with a bespoke health plan in place.

The groundbreaking technology of the Bioresonance Scan combined with the Biomedis Trinity device will be a forever go to.

To have the knowledge and understanding of your energy within, is the best tool you could ever have.''


Bioresonance Scanning & Biomedis Trinity

On a personal level this little device has changed my world of health from Hormones, Back pain, Toothache, Depressive modes, Sciatica, Sleep problems & Concentration.

It's a therapists dream tool!

Biomedis Trinity helps my son on a consistent basis as he recovers from a Severe Brain Injury.

Slowly the world is waking up to Frequency Therapy. It's been around since the early 1930’s.


Please do your own research, there is so much scientific evidence available.  You will gain a natural an understanding of how to tune in to your body with a little help from this crazy little device.

If you are suffering on a consistent basis the Biomedis Trinity will become your best friend for your health and well being

Contact Nancy to purchase your Biomedis Trinity

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