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Bio resonance Scanning


​ Bio resonance scans are quick, painless and an incredible cost-effective way of finding out exactly how your Body, Mind, Emotions and Energy Fields are performing in real time as you are sitting in front of me. Together, using the scan report, we can look closer into your possible deficiencies, the energetic state of internal organs, environmental sensitivities, nutritional needs, hormone imbalances, toxin response, parasites, bacteria, viruses and any presenting symptoms.​

Electrodes are held and hooked up to a machine that reads the energy wavelengths coming from your body.

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Client Requirements for Bio resonance Scan


  • It is desirable that at the time of the scan you are NOT hungry.


  • The best time to be scanned is 2 hours after a meal and to do the scan in the first half of the day. 


  • The day before examination it is best NOT to drink coffee, alcohol, eat hot and spicy foods, chocolate, citrus fruits and chewing gums. It's advisable not to smoke the day before your scan and on the morning of your scan.

  • For women it is not desirable to be examined during the menstrual cycle. 


  • Do not use creams, ointments, perfumes or cosmetics before your appointment.


  • Wear clothes that are 100% cotton or linen. (a cotton robe will be available if necessary)


  • Remove all jewelry and metal objects. 


  • Keep your mobile phone away from you at the time when the scan is running.


  • Clients with a Pacemaker cannot have a scan due to the sensitivity of the devices. 

“The doctor of the future will give no medication but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”            
Thomas .A. Edison 1847-1931

All treatments offered do not claim to cure or diagnose any medical condition. Advice is that of a holistic, complementary nature and any  examinations and recommendations are NOT to constitute the medical advice of a GP/Physician.

Always consult your GP regarding your health.

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