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Bowen Therapy

The therapy is well known for its work with structural imbalance but can also be used for a multitude of other issues and symptoms.

Light touch often elicits significant benefit in the body and many studies have confirmed that the lighter the touch, the more effective and profound the effect of treatment can be. Bowen Therapy is incredibly gentle and involves light moves being applied to different parts of the body. The moves are often made over muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, joints and occasionally nerves. Treatment aims to stimulate the nervous system and body to begin a process of healing, repair and rejuvenation. Most people experience a deep sense of relaxation during treatment and are often amazed at the effects they experience.

Thomas A. Bowen (1916-1982) developed this technique in Geelong, Victoria. After serving in World War II, Bowen became interested in ways to alleviate human suffering. He began to notice that when he made certain moves on the body, it had particular effects. The technique is unique in that it was developed without Bowen having any previous training in any modality or discipline; in fact, he frequently stated that his work was, Simply a gift from God. Over a period of several years he developed the system as it is used today.

Bowen was extremely busy in his clinic, as was verified by the 1975 Victorian government inquiry into alternative health care professionals. The study documented Bowen seeing some 13,000 patients per year as assessed over a 27-week period. Considering treatments were seven days apart and most people needed only two or three treatments, that was an amazing number of clients per year.


Bowen works on many levels

The Bowen moves – are made at key structural points on the body which the brain uses as natural reference points to determine the body’s posture. As a result the moves can have a huge effect on the way the body holds itself.

The nervous system  sensory information is induced by the Bowen move which reaches the spinal cord passing through the nerve pathways to the different centres of the brain. At this point the information is shunted back and forth via a complex self-corrective feedback mechanism, this info is then sent back down the spinal cord to the individual muscles for correction to take place.


The connective tissue covering all of the structures of the body which allows flexibility and movement between various parts of the body is called fascia. The body maintains structure through its relationship with key structural bands of muscle via fascia. One key function of fascia bands is to maintain upright structure. If there is tension or weakness in the fascia a range of reactions can result such as pressure on nerves, tension in the musculature on one side and compensation patterns being set up in the rest of the body. In Bowen a lot of attention is given to the fascia by changing the way in which the muscles and fascia relate to each other and a change in structure becomes inevitable whereby the spine will adopt a better position.

Bowen Procedures

There are many procedures available to the Bowen practitioner that address the body from head to toe! A couple of the procedures I use regularly in practice and general indications for use include;

The Pelvic Procedure 

I often use this procedure with women who suffer from menstrual, gynaecological and hormonal issues. It is also used after childbirth in helping re-align and balance the structure. This procedure is also great for gardeners who spend a lot of time in awkward positions digging is a good example. It is also great for farmers and builders and those who regularly ride horses all benefit from this procedure.

The TMJ Procedure 

TMJ is short for temporomandibular joint) helps to balance the jaw and its alignment with the skull. Often disruption in this joint results after dentistry, damage to other areas of the spine, compensation, stress and tension and a multitude of other reasons. When the TMJ is out of balance all sorts of problems can result such as hay fever, allergies, eye problems, ear problems, headaches, migraines, sinus problems, congestion, asthma and the list goes on. In practice I use the procedure a lot in the summer months to help people with seasonal allergies such as hay fever.

Bowen is Holistic and Dynamic
Treatment can help balance the body as a whole and will often have multiple benefits for example we may be treating a specific problem but other issues or imbalance may be rectified at the same time. Our bodies are complex systems that work as a whole and generally when one system is out of balance a knock on effect will be experienced elsewhere. I see this in practice constantly and a good example is when I work with the kidney procedure which will often also have an impact upon an individual’s lower back and knees!


What happens when I go for a treatment?

A full consultation regarding your health and well being is priority. This can be done via a phone call or video call prior to ==your treatment. The information you give is very important and be assured of complete confidentiality and adherence to all code and ethics. Treatment sessions are 60 minutes but can sometimes be a little longer.

The gentle Bowen moves are applied to different parts of the body and performed through light/loose clothing.

​Generally three treatments over three consecutive weeks will be needed. However, in some circumstances further treatments will be required. Many clients have regular top-up treatments to keep them in peak condition.

 £65.00 1hr15min 

Book a course of 3 Treatments  

Receive a 20% discount £156.00 when paid in advance.


All treatments offered do not claim to cure or diagnose any medical condition. Advice is that of a holistic, complementary nature and any  examinations and recommendations are NOT to constitute the medical advice of a GP/Physician.

Always consult your GP regarding your health.

''Your Health is Your Wealth and is your responsibility to look after it. Your body is the only true place you have to live in''

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