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Nancy's Therapy Journey


"Pain and Change are Part of Life,

 Suffering is Optional."


- Anon


I was first introduced to complementary therapy nearly thirty years ago after suffering chronic sciatica throughout my pregnancy and for a year after. I tried all orthodox recommendations along with Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Physio treatments. I was desperate. I had a baby to look after. I didn't know back then that there was such a thing as complementary treatment. My knowledge of the human body was minimal. It was then by chance that I was introduced to Bowen Therapy, from there my Sciatic pain was history.

I was amazed at the simplicity and effectiveness of this treatment, within six weeks, I had been relieved of such excruciating pain. I was intrigued! I was pain free!

This led me on to study and train in many different modalities within natural healthcare with my main focus on Pain Relief & Natural Pain Management.

Frequency Therapy

Bioresonance Scanning

Systematic Kinesiology

Bowen Therapy


Every treatment is tailored to the client, working with them and not just their condition. Getting to the root cause of why they are suffering is the goal.

However, there are many clients that just want to get out of pain, forget it was ever there and hope it never comes back.

I have experienced this with many clients only for them to return with a new discomfort and having to return for treatment anyway.

In recent years my journey has taken me on a path of the unknown. Overnight life changed! My son suffered a Serious Brain Injury after an assault and his prognosis was not good. My son was fighting for his life and I found myself in a medical world of Neurology, Nursing, Care and Rehabilitation. After two years of being in clinical environment's and not making consistent improvements, I decided to get him into his own home.

Now, nearly three years on from there, I am proud that my Son's recovery has gone from strength to strength. Support will be needed for time to come, however, there is no reason for his improvement not to continue.

My new found experience in the Medical Neuro World led me on to discover the powerful benefits of Frequency Therapy and the huge health benefits that are available to us all.

It is possible to integrate Frequency Therapy into every treatment.

There are minimal contraindications, that being a Pace Maker.

My own research has found that frequencies enhance every treatment and the ultimate goal is to get clients back to their desired health as quickly and efficiently as possible.  


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All treatments offered do not claim to cure or diagnose any medical condition. Advice is that of a holistic, complementary nature and any  examinations and recommendations are NOT to constitute the medical advice of a GP/Physician.

Always consult your GP regarding your health.

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