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10 Good Reasons To Have Kinesiology Treatments

Pure Water

We all know it’s vital for hydration, good skin and flushing out toxins, but we do tend to forget just how important water is! Did you know that water is the only substance that the body does not have to digest as it is absorbed instead, or that getting enough water is underestimated in its importance for relieving lower back pain? Specific muscles are adversely affected when they are not well hydrated! We can test to see if you need more water or if it is related to your back pain.


Did you know that 80% of all disease begins in the gut? Improving your gut environment is a major factor in overall health.

Kinesiology finds out what foods suit you as an individual. The reason diets don’t work is because there is no “one size fits all”. Whatever your idea is of a typical healthy diet more often than not, we consume certain foods that are not suited to our biochemical make up.

A healthy diet is only relative to an individuals needs. The wrong foods can affect us physically through aches and pains or skin problems as well as mentally and emotionally through low energy, mood swings and poor concentration. The latter point is a great example of how as kinesiologists we look for and can find a nutritional cause for a mental/emotional or a physical problem! We can also detect nutritional deficiencies.

Stress relief.

We all have stress of many kinds, and stress can lead to serious health problems. As systematic kinesiologists we use a powerful yet simple technique to relieve our stresses called emotional stress relief/ESR. We also use tailored combinations of techniques and remedies to address emotional traumas, negative self belief patterns, low self-esteem, fears & phobias as well as for motivational goal setting, like giving up smoking or for fear of flying for example.

Improved flexibility

Our body’s muscles can remain contracted or tense in areas where there has been any prior impact or injury. Our Injury recall technique relieves this and results in improved flexibility. If you have old injuries that still hinder you in some way, or are prone to injuring the same areas then IRT is for you! Our other structural corrections help with physical pain and bring the body back into alignment, as well as the use of massage on specific lymphatic reflexes to bring weak muscles into strength.


Rebounding on a mini trampoline/trampette. This exercise in particular, pumps lymphatic fluid around the body, which cleans our lymph system, removing toxins and increasing oxygen supply to the body. Rebounding is also great fun!

Clear infections

We all pick up bugs and catch a cold from time to time. Some infections can stay in the body and its symptoms may not be too obvious. Systematic kinesiologists can test for infections, viral, post viral, bacterial, fungal or parasitic. We can then find which vitamin, mineral or trace element will clear it without reliance on antibiotics!

Increase your energy levels

A really common problem that people come to us with is often fatigue, or low energy. We will find the cause whether it is a dietary issue, an underlying infection, a hormonal imbalance or a vitamin or mineral deficiency for example.

Relieving period pain

An important and special mention for the girls! Did you know that you do not have to suffer with period pain? It is often down to a lack of a balance in specific vitamins and minerals, and/or dietary issues or a hormonal balancing or structural issue.

Improved learning & concentration

Reading and writing and concentration skills can be greatly enhanced with a range of tests and correction techniques we use to help make learning easier. Our exercises can also be used at home.

Get “a balance” done regularly!

As systematic kinesiologists we know the importance & benefits of getting regular treatments done. We call it a balance.

I like to think of it as akin to servicing your car, we should give our body’s the same courtesy! Kinesiology is best used preventively to nip symptoms in the bud before they escalate.

SK is the only client led and integrated system of healthcare that deals with symptoms by looking at all components of the body for the cause. These components are, mental/emotional, chemical/nutritional, structural/physical, energetic/electrical. For example, someone with backache may not necessarily need a structural correction, but may need a chemical correction, Someone with a skin complaint may have a digestion issue or a deficiency.

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